Overview of Dental Implants


Overview of Dental Implants


Considered a “medical device”, dental implants first started replacing missing teeth in the 1980s with mixed success. Since, the dental implants being surgically placed by dentists today have become quite predictable and of great benefit to patients.


Made of titanium or ceramic, the dental implant is placed in the jaw bone and over 6-8 weeks, new bone will often grow tightly around the implant “threads” and provide years of tooth replacement.


In the big picture, when some one says, “I have a dental implant…”, one is likely referring to three individual components. The “implant” itself is what it fixed to the bone and sits just under the gum line. An “abutment” is the “middle” piece, milled of titanium or ceramic that is screwed into the implant and sticks out of the gum. On the abutment, the third component, the “crown”,  is cemented to the abutment to make it complete.


Majority of all general dentists provide both the abutment and the crown treatment. Approximately 1/3 of all general dentist provide the surgical placement of the dental implant as well.


Because each clinical situation is different, the implant treatment process is truly “customized”. Should you have a missing tooth and want to explore the implant option and related expense, call Dr. Lesch today to schedule a consultation at 952-469-5213. Following that discussion, you will then have a good grasp on what implants are all about and how you may benefit. While Dr. Lesch surgically places implants depending on specific factors, if he concludes the surgical portion of the implant placement should be done by an oral surgeon, he has an excellent network of doctors in the Lakeville, Farmington, Prior Lake and Apple Valley area who may provide the services needed.