Orthodontic Braces or Clear Aligners……

Summer will soon be upon us and what better time to get kids in to check out their teeth and find out how things are.  Often this is a great time of year to, without a rush, discuss any orthodontic needs and get a plan going as to how a family may achieve this treatment.

Come see Dr. Lesch chairside while he reviews your son or daughter’s dentition.  He will explain the bone and structural factors of the growing adolescent dentition and how this pertains to the particular patient.  Then he will discuss the benefits of treatment / correction vs. none.  Then, as a family, you can decide if a visit to the orthodontist would be beneficial.

Dr. Lesch has a network of local orthodontists in Lakeville, Apple Valley, Prior Lake and Farmington who offer free complimentary orthodontic exams.  He can provide the referral for you to gather the information to make an informed, confident decision.

And don’t forget, not everyone needs or benefits from orthodontics…this is what Dr. Lesch can help you figure out.

So if you haven’t already, get your son or daughter an appointment and your questions will be answered.